Flutter EP

by Daisy Chain

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Scumbag Want something new to relive the '90s with? This EP is a great little bunch o' tunes of guitar-based pop/rock that you'd swear must have timewarped outta the indie rock scene of the '90s, the kinda music that was played incessantly on college radio stations at that time. Fortunately it steers clear of falling into that whiney, pretentious fake punk drivel. Favorite track: No Exit.
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Recorded with Shane Hochstettler

Free download link hosted at daisychainmilwaukee.tumblr.com
Download includes lyrics, artwork, and an acoustic demo of "Wish"


released June 28, 2013

Nick Gauthier
Marcus Boldt
Casey Soyk



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Daisy Chain Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Lazy, spaced-out, self-deprecating. Daisy Chain is a band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Songs recorded by Shane Hochstettler at Howl Street Recordings in late June 2013.

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Track Name: Wish
walk the line to a place i want to go, close my eyes and hear the cars that pass below, just so i know i could walk across that line and out onto the sidewalk and just go back in time, put my life into a song that cuts out before the ending but it's still too long, just so i know that i should lift the needle before i spin out of control, now i know i'll only keep dragging myself until i just let go, drift aimlessly and i lose me.
Track Name: No Exit
fall underneath again until i dream the right things, everyone else needs to touch and see, i'd rather be asleep. let me fall behind and out of myself. get myself home again, stumble down the street, i've got some qualities but i'll just drink them down until i'm someone i can't be. i still wake up in the wrong place and i still hate the sound of my name. try so hard to convince myself it's not true but i've got no one but myself to lose.
Track Name: Want
i don't think that i want to be loved, i just want to love myself and stop pretending my life is just a dream and someday i'll wake up from all of this. i'm finding out what we all find out, all the good's gone by so fast, every day's getting longer now, pulls the thread until i don't exist. i thought i'd make it to the bright side of somewhere i'd stand and look back at everything. i'll never make it, i'll never get there. i'll never make it crawling on broken legs, waiting for the ending. i just want to feel the sunlight, feel like there's something more to see, a reason to wake up because i've grown to love so many things, i just hate being me.
Track Name: Windmill
watch the fan go around, restless thoughts hanging from the ceiling somewhere between nowhere and i, slowly fading out into the room as i regret that everything i do still won't end me yet. turn to smoke as i lay myself into a limitless, homesick illusion of somewhere between nowhere and i, slowly fading out into the room as i regret that everything i do still won't end me yet, but somehow i know there's only so far i can go and i'll be just fine, and i'll be alright, and i'll be alright.
Track Name: Flutter